Jonathan Spangler

Jonathan Spangler is the Director of the South China Sea Think Tank and Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association. He received his PhD in Asia-Pacific studies from National Chengchi University in February 2018. His primary research interests include Asia-Pacific regional security, maritime territorial disputes, and cross-strait relations, with an emphasis on the effects of different actors’ foreign policies on regional trends and volatility. He has over fifteen years of experience as an educator, having taught courses related to international relations, education, sustainable development, and a diversity of other fields. His books, reports, academic articles, analysis and commentary, reference materials, and other publications have been widely recognized and used by policymakers, researchers, students, and the media in various fields. He is also an avid trail runner and mountaineer and has received certifications in mountain search and rescue and wilderness survival. In all of his work and activities, he remains committed to inclusion of diverse perspectives and aims to make a positive and lasting impact on society. Raised in Boulder, Colorado, he has lived and worked in six countries in North America, Latin America, and East Asia, including the past eight years in Taiwan.

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錫東岳(Jonathan Spangler)目前擔任亞太政策研究協會秘書長與南海智庫主任,並於2018年取得國立政治大學亞太研究博士學位學程國際關係組的博士學位。主要研究興趣為亞太區域安全、海域爭端與兩岸關係,特別著重於研究不同國家的外交政策與亞太區域政治趨勢起伏間的關係。具有超過十五年的教學經驗,曾經教授過的課程涵蓋國際關係、教育、永續發展與其他等多元領域。出版過的專書與專題報告書,以及發表過的學術文章、分析與評論、參考資料和其他著作等皆獲得不同領域的決策人員、研究人員、學生與媒體的認可並予以引用。此外,亦是一位熱愛越野賽跑的愛好者與業餘登山家,並已取得山難搜救和野外急救的合格認證。無論從事何種工作與活動,一心所繫即是對社會盡棉薄之力及帶來正面影響。來自美國科羅拉多州,最近十三年以來居住過拉丁美洲與東亞國家,自2010年開始在台灣生活與工作。