“Увеличение активности в ЮКМ повышает риск непредвиденных инцидентов в море, но эти инциденты необязательно приведут к вооруженному конфликту. Несмотря на трения, связанные с рядом международных политических вопросов, двусторонние отношения между Китаем и США взаимовыгодны во многих других отношениях, — пояснил «Известиям» директор Тайваньского аналитического центра South China Sea Think Tank Джонатан Спэнглер.”


From interview transcript:

“It is likely that there is a strong correlation between Chinese activities perceived by other countries as militarization of the South China Sea and international diplomatic and military involvement in the maritime area. Increased activity in the South China Sea raises the risks of unanticipated incidents at sea, but those incidents will not necessarily lead to armed conflict. Despite frictions related to several international political issues, China–US bilateral relations are mutually beneficial in many other ways.”

“Policy makers in Beijing understand that a belligerent North Korean leadership is not in China or the region’s best interests. If Beijing aims to establish itself as a regional and world leader in diplomatic affairs and Pyongyang’s actions jeopardize this, China will take the necessary measures to ensure that North Korea does not pose an obstacle to its national interests.”